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 Email Activity

This activity was created to assess the sending of emails.  I designed it specifically for the Tech Savvy Seniors' Program as part of my Interview with Townsville City Council.

Email Activity
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 Learning Math for High School Students

This challenge was set by David Anderson at Articulate.  The challenge is all about teaching math online to high school students.  I started with PowerPoint slides which I had previous converted into iSpring (Free version) which is very linear.  There were certain elements of the iSpring production I liked, so I kept those, but generally it was a rebuild.  With this version (Storyline 2) the student has the choice whether to study first before taking the tests, which I couldn't do with iSpring.  Also, the original version only had one topic this new one has two topics (which could be extended).  I found using the Chapter feature in Storyline 2 made navigating around and previewing the project much easier.  I also wanted to trial as many of the Quiz types as possible.  This became challenging with the rigid built in templates and formats.  I had to construct my questions and positioned the answers on the slide in a user friendly format to enable the student to understand the question, provide the correct answer and perform the task correctly.  Any feedback would be appreciated!

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 Indian Restaurant Menu

This challenge from David Anderson, the Community Manager at Articulate was to design an e-learning template or interaction using Marsala as the primary colour.  Therefore I created an Interactive Restaurant Menu, which includes search functionality, incorporating the colour of the year "Marsala".

Also, using PowerPoint I followed David Anderson's suggestion and created colour pallets from the base colour then incorporated a percentage of white to produce a range of tints and a percentage of black to produce a range of shades.  This made it easy to maintain colour consistency, as well as pick and switch the colours using the eyedropper.  Here's the final result.

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 Christmas Holiday Game

Featured below is an interactively activity created using Articulate Storyline 2, which I developed based on the e-Learning challenge #62 - How to Survive the Holidays.  The challenge was set by David Anderson, the Community Manager at Articulate.

We all know that we can plan everything down to the very last detail, but not everything goes as planned.  See if you can collect all four Christmas items before the shops close.  Enjoy!

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 Stick Figure Transformation

Watch the stick figure change before your very eyes! Warning, there is creative content included during the transformation of the stick figures.  Enjoy!

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