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About Townsville

Sun setting across North Ward
Sun setting across North Ward

The pictures below have been taken from various places along The Strand, Townsville.   The Strand stretches the full length of the man made beach front promenade of 2.2km, and at the far end is Jezzine Barracks.  The Strand is very popular due to its cycle and walkway paths, safe swimming areas, restaurants, bars, and beautiful blue sea.

Townsville has certainly been put through it's paces since I arrived in 2008.  With two recessions already and Cyclone Yasi under it's belt, Townsville is certainly a very hard place to live and earn a living.

With the decline of employment back again, lots of large companies have closed their doors.  Sponsorship from large companies is no longer offered thus having a knock-on effect within the community and support for local events.

It always seem to hit us harder in the North, but we are Queenslanders and we know how to fight back!

Another beautiful day in paradise, looking out towards Magnetic Island.
The Strand, Townsville
The sun setting over Townsville is a picturesque view from Jezzine Barracks.
Looking out towards Townsville Common