"Creative ideas come from innovative people"

About Me

Pam Carr

"I believe that creative ideas are developed by innovative people; and innovation is often held back by limited resources and the belief in the innovative idea, which often stilts the growth of innovative people."

Since moving to Queensland my life has certainly changed.  From living in the hustle and bustle of a big city to the quiet pace of small townships.

Townsville was in a recession when I arrived from Mount Isa.  Luckily the unemployment situation didn't last for long and was taken on board with TP Human Capital's Recruitment services division.  I remained with TP Human Capital for several years and went from being on the recruitment books to become permanent trainer.  Until one day I just decided I need to move on and do something I have yearned to do for many years but never seemed to be able to break into the field.  However, after a couple of years of pursing my goals, I finally found Experience Works who have taken me on board as a Web Designer / Trainer.  Look us up at www.experienceworks.org.au.  If you need a website developing we will be happy to help.  If you require elearning modules developing I can certainly help there too.  Check out some of my elearning designs on the Designs page.